Acts of Kindness - Live, from Windsor Gardens

WindsorGardens 3Live, from Windsor Gardens

WindsorGardens 1It’s the little things that count. And the folks at locally-owned senior living care facility Windsor Gardens of Georgetown know that some of the littlest things have the biggest impact.

When the pandemic hit, a very caring staff at Windsor Gardens knew quick action was needed to keep residents and their families connected. Activities Director/Communications Coordinator Dustin Downs sprang into action, filming residents sharing messages to their loved ones via Facebook Live. The segments have been informally dubbed as “Dustin At One.”

“We wanted to keep all of our residents and their families connected on a daily basis,” said Dustin. “During this time of uncertainty, the small things, such as a family member’s voice and smile, can change and brighten a person’s day.”

Dustin is a lively host who knows his audience well, both at Windsor Gardens and those tuning in from home. He shares the day’s activity, invites residents to wave and say hello and gives a shout out to those sending in messages.WindsorGardens 2

The “show” has proven a smash.

“It has become bigger than I could ever have imagined with our residents and their families,” Dustin said, noting the segments have become part of everyday life at Windsor Gardens since the program began in March. “Seeing the everyday connection with the families and residents alike has become immeasurable.”

Messages of love scroll alongside the video of residents, who are oftentimes gathered on the wide Windsor Gardens front porch:

“So good to see you mom. Enjoy the porch. Love ya!”

“Been missing you.”

“God bless you all!”

One of the biggest surprises of this little gesture has been the impact Facebook has made on this senior living community. It is an unqualified hit, with residents asking about getting on Facebook and wanting to know the intricacies of social media – and the staff is only too happy to help.

“We are blessed to be in the Scott County community,” said Dustin. “During times like these you begin to understand how special it is.”

Do you know of an Act of Kindness in the Georgetown community? Send in the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’d love to share with readers and continue the blessings.


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