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G-town Holiday Gift Guide

11/19/19  Kathy Witt

Our G-town Holiday Gift Guide lets you show your love of Georgetown, of shopping local, of finding those unique, small-town surprises that can only be found here. And something to make merry about – all but one fit beneath the tree. (Hint: You’ll have to hide the big one at a neighbor’s house . . . or garage.)


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Storytelling with Jeff Mattingly of Bourbon 30: How to craft bourbon

9/18/19  Kathy Witt

Bourbon distiller Jeff Mattingly appreciates being mere steps from where bourbon whiskey was (allegedly) first made way back in 1789 – that is, on the banks of Royal Spring, located right across the street from Bourbon 30 in what is now known as Royal Spring Park.


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9 Best Spots for Cocktails, Coffee and Craft Beer

7/25/19  Kathy Witt

Georgetown has plenty of great places to raise a glass, a stein, even a dainty demitasse cup. Here are some faves:


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Storytelling with a Country Boy: Daniel “DH” Harrison talks dreams, brews, horses

5/23/19  Kathy Witt

Back in 2008, when he was living and working in Japan, Daniel “DH” Harrison was a Kentucky country boy with a big dream. He fantasized about owning a brewery, thinking at the time it was really just a pipe dream. Today, as one of the four founders of Georgetown’s Country Boy Brewing, opened in 2012, DH is living that dream.


Horse headquarters

Kentucky’s Horse Headquarters hops with horse activity

4/19/19  Kathy Witt

The calendar page has flipped to April and everyone’s mind has turned to horses, especially in Georgetown, Kentucky’s Horse Headquarters.


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Storytelling with Ron Bryant: The Behind-the-Scenes Word on Ward Hall

3/18/19  Kathy Witt

A grand manse built in the 1850s and paid for in gold is one of Kentucky’s foremost architectural treasurers – and a rich repository of equally grand stories.


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Pete, the famous Talking Crow

1/23/19  Spirit of Pete the Crow

This guest blog was curated in the spirit of Pete the Talking Crow, who once made a memorable albeit unwelcome habit of starting horse races before they officially started.


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6 Reasons Why I love Georgetown, KY

12/5/18  Trip101

There are a lot of reasons to love this quaint, charming town in the heart of Bluegrass country. Georgetown is the epitome of small-town America. Slap-bang in the middle of the golden triangle of Cincinnati, Louisville, and Lexington, this special place is a homely and familiar escape from the big cities.


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Pete, the famous Talking Crow

1/23/19  Spirit of Pete the Crow

This guest blog was curated in the spirit of Pete the Talking Crow, who once made a memorable albeit unwelcome habit of starting horse races before they officially started.


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Let’s Get Local: An Approachable Dining Experience

9/20/18  Hannah Sither & Natalie Partin

Sitting on the corner of South Water Street and West College Street is a farm-to-table restaurant promising locals and visitors a fine dining experience without breaking the bank. Local Feed has been proudly serving the Georgetown community southern meals and craft cocktails since owner and chef Justin Thompson converted the original ice house building into a restaurant in 2012.


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#GtownEats: Local Restaurant Serves Up Special Dishes for Kentucky’s Year of Food

8/30/18  Kathy Witt & Nicky Reynolds

Good food and aged bourbon are two things Kentucky does best. In fact, the state has such an excellent reputation for its unique food heritage that Kentucky Tourism and each of the state’s nine tourism regions have crafted a signature meal to complement “The Year of Kentucky Food.”


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Fun Fingertip Facts

7/24/18  Kathy Witt

Yes, Georgetown/Scott County is a dapper destination, but did you know it has something of a checkered past? Read on to learn about its ties to outlaw Jesse James, a nefarious general the county chose as its namesake, and Sallie Ward, who made a career out of scandalizing polite society. Here are some fun facts about the famous, the infamous and the fabulous in Georgetown.


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Let’s Get Local: A Georgetown Dining Tradition

5/24/18  Hannah Sither & Natalie Partin

Tucked within our Victorian downtown is an old-fashioned restaurant that has been serving the people of Georgetown since 1910. Fava’s Restaurant is a local diner that stays true to its beginnings, remaining the same in style, flavor, location and family.


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Sallie’s in Town!

5/1/18  Spirit of Sallie Ward

Hello, Sweeties! I am once again in my beloved Kentucky, visiting my Aunt Matilda and Uncle Junius at Ward Hall, and painting Georgetown as red as I possibly can.


GtownEats Week

#GtownEats Week

4/11/18  Back Road Bluegrass

When the creators of #GtownEats invited me to write a blog featuring their inaugural food fest, I was thrilled! Downtown Georgetown has an inviting ambiance and such a great vibe. The intricate, historical embellishments adorning the buildings that line the main street are well-kept and preserve the classic ole' town aura.


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Let’s Get Local: A Cup of Giving

3/14/18  Hannah Sither & Natalie Partin

Start your day off right with a visit to Upbeat Café- Georgetown’s only fully operating café. Filled with beautiful art pieces, made-from-scratch dishes, and delicious coffee, this café is sure to be one you will forever remember.


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Georgetown’s African American Heritage

2/22/18  Kathy Witt

There are lots of ways to mark Black History Month in Georgetown/Scott County, including attractions, exhibits, activities – even neighborhoods that have a story to tell.


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Of Cougar Bait and Shotgun Weddings

2/9/18  Kathy Witt

The old road trip song, “99 bottles of beer on the wall,” springs to mind when entering Country Boy Brewing, an enormous watering hole on the outskirts of Georgetown that hums with conviviality.


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8 Reasons to Visit Georgetown this New Year

1/30/18  Natalie Partin

Does your New Year’s resolution include a visit to legendary horse farms, tasting a sweet bourbon concoction (or two), or basically anything involving a relaxing but entertaining getaway? If so, Georgetown, Kentucky is calling your name!


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An Interview with Old Friends’ Little Silver Charm

10/10/19  Kathy Witt

One of Old Friends’ most dashing equine stars is Little Silver Charm, a miniature horse named after his idol, the aforementioned (big) Silver Charm. Despite his small stature, Little Silver Charm is big on personality, as a recent interview with the superstar stallion reveals.


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Girlfriends’ Guide to Georgetown Getaways

8/21/19  Kathy Witt

Come to Georgetown for a girlfriends’ getaway as legendary as Sallie Ward herself.


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Storytelling with stained glass artists

6/20/19  Kathy Witt

One of Kentucky’s only authentic stained glass shops, Heirlooms & Gretchen’s is a colorful and distinctive business mix based on the passions of its proprietors, Gretchen Soards and Kim Hooks. Custom stained glass – design, repair, supplies, workshops; lamps, lamp parts and lamp repair and restoration; dollhouse miniatures; and costume, antique and estate jewelry combine for a unique shopping experience.



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5 things to do with your kid this summer in Georgetown

5/10/19  Kathy Witt

Bring your fishing pole, favorite float and appetite for adventure to Georgetown this summer. No need to rein in the horseplay – it’s encouraged in Kentucky’s Horse Headquarters, especially at these five kid (and parent) pleasers...


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East Meets West: Georgetown’s Main Street Dining & Drinking Guide

Kathy Witt

Within a six-block stroll, 15 different dining and drinking places dish up all variety of gastronomical delights, from local artisan chews and brews and come-hither confections to old-timey diner delectables and linen-draped fine dining.


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7 Sweet Somethings in Georgetown

2/14/19  Kathy Witt

Georgetown is more than just a pretty face – and with its Victorian-era downtown and rolling countryside, it is a really pretty face! – but it’s romantic, too. Wear your heart on your sleeve at these hot spots for a day or evening of romance.


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Georgetown, a Baptist minister and Kentucky bourbon

12/20/18  Spirit of Elijah Craig

Many know the name, Elijah Craig, for the mellow bourbon with delightful hints of warm spice and smoke named in honor of the hot-tempered Baptist minister and produced by a major Kentucky distillery. Bourbon and the bible? It was a match made in heaven right here in Kentucky and it all started at the site of present-day Royal Spring Park in Georgetown.


10 ways to warm your winter in georgetown

10 Ways to Warm Your Winter in Georgetown

11/19/18  Kathy Witt

When you start hearing the song, “Baby, it’s cold outside,” you know it’s time to move playtime indoors. Georgetown has 10 ways to while away a winter’s day where it’s warm.


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Things to Do in Georgetown This Fall

10/11/18, updated 9/16/19  Natalie Partin

Fall brings more than just colorful trees and cozy sweaters to town, it also entertains festivals, concerts, shopping sprees, Halloween nights, horsey fun and more! Check out the events Georgetown, KY has waiting for you and your family this season.


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Got farm fun? Georgetown does!

Kathy Witt

Apple cider, pumpkin picking and fall festivals.

Why is a fall outing to the farm such a beloved tradition for so many?


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Six Free Things to See & Do in Georgetown

8/14/18  Kathy Witt

Free? As in no charge?

Yep, you read that right. Here are six fun Georgetown attractions you can’t put a price tag on because they’re all on the house. Yours for the taking – and enjoying.


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Let's Get Local: Award-Winning Pizza Dreams

7/16/18  Hannah Sither

Thirteen years ago, restaurant owner Kathy Lyons envisioned a family-friendly pizzeria on behalf of a small, but fast-growing, city of Georgetown. After identifying a need within the community for a local dining spot featuring artisan pizza, FatKats Pizzeria was born.


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Georgetown celebrities – Legendary ‘Old Friends’

6/19/18  Kathy Witt

Some famous celebrities have been spotted galloping around in Georgetown, and the paparazzi have tracked them down to a patch of bluegrass filled with paddocks. These stars of the racetrack are now living large on the land at Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farm, an aftercare facility for retired thoroughbreds.


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Travel Then and Now in Georgetown, Kentucky

5/10/18  Natalie Partin

Even if we weren’t there at the time, many are likely familiar with the groundbreaking announcement by Dr. Shichiro Toyoda in December 1985 declaring Scott County, Kentucky as Toyota’s first wholly-owned vehicle manufacturing plant in the U.S.


The Galvins Movement

Let’s Get Local: The Galvin’s Movement

4/25/18  Natalie Partin

A Friday night in Georgetown prior to 2008 often times consisted of a cold beverage at a chain restaurant or watering hole in our neighboring city of Lexington. One of the first to begin the Georgetown movement for local beverages in a community environment was the popular Galvin’s on Main.


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Georgetown’s Guide to Keeneland Season

4/4/18  Natalie Partin

When the flowers begin to bloom or the leaves start to fall, central Kentucky converts to one uniform season – Keeneland season. In a tradition all its own, Keenland spring and fall meets bring out the finest in all things horse. Georgetown just happens to be in the epicenter of it all… how lucky are we?


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Celebrate National Quilting Month in Georgetown

3/7/18  Kathy Witt

Georgetown points the needle at all things quilts and quilting during March’s National Quilting Month, with a special exhibit, classes, trail and more.


A Culinary Home Away from Home

Let’s Get Local: A Culinary Home Away from Home

2/13/18  Hannah Sither

Arriving at 751 Slone Drive Suite #4, one can be welcomed by soothing Italian music and a group of cheerful Banderas’, owners of the tasty and local dining establishment, Formaggio Italiano.


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