Pete, the famous Talking Crow

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Pete, the famous Talking Crow
 Written by Spirit of Pete the Crow


This guest blog was curated in the spirit of Pete the Talking Crow, who once made a memorable albeit unwelcome habit of starting horse races before they officially started.


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Yep. That’s my signature squawk – and the squawk that got me in trouble with horse racing.

My name is Pete and, while I only lived in Georgetown for three years, I made an indelible impression on the whole town.

I used to crow “Go!” to the horses at the racetrack, which would get them all riled up and confused and galloping toward the finish line before the race had officially started. Obnoxious? Or legendary?


Whichever way you judge, it was enough to earn me a permanent nest at the Georgetown-Scott County Museum.


I like it here. There are some neat exhibits, like the model locomotive and stagecoaches and part of the old post office. Also some special exhibits like the Smithsonian’s Hometown Teams. I get to greet visitors, show off my wings – very sleek thanks to a thorough sprucing up Michael McCord gave me – and share my story.

Elkhorn Creek

You probably didn’t know I lived here from 1829 to 1832 with my human, Dave Adams, my constant companion. Dave had a hat shop in downtown Georgetown but, I’m relieved to say, he never plucked any of my feathers for his toppers. And horse racing wasn’t the only sport I enjoyed. I loved fishing, too. If you’ve ever been to Elkhorn Creek, you know why it’s such a great place to drop a line – best small mouth stream in Kentucky. Scenic, too, with lots of trees for the flock.

downtown georgetown

Dave and I liked to stroll to the park downtown, eat in the restaurants and make small talk with the other shopkeepers. I could have had a long, full and happy life in Georgetown, but then some kid with a rifle came along and – BANG! He shot me and it was all over, including the shouting. No more “Go!” for me.

The good people of Georgetown buried me on the grounds of Georgetown College – but I can’t tell you where. That’s one secret that won’t pass this beak. You can still learn about me, though, through my animatronic double at the museum.

pete the crow

As I mentioned, I’ve been restored by Michael, a math and computer science whiz who also provides my voice. Nice, huh? Check me out at the museum. My favorite hobbies now are preening and posing and chatting up visitors.


And, yes, I still yell, “Go!” every chance I get.




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