Sallie’s in Town!

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Sallie’s in Town!

5/1/18  Written by (or more accurately, in the spirit of) the infamous Sallie Ward of Georgetown’s Ward Hall


Hello, Sweeties!

I am once again in my beloved Kentucky, visiting my Aunt Matilda and Uncle Junius at Ward Hall, and painting Georgetown as red as I possibly can. It is just the grandest Greek Revival-style house in all of Kentucky and my darling uncle, Junius Richard Ward, paid for it in gold. The house is worth every penny of the $50,000, too, right down to its 27-foot-high fluted Corinthian columns.


The old fuddy-duddies down the lane believe I am rather saucy, which, in all honesty, I am. It is just so much fun! I love to use my quick wit to leave others speechless.The old fuddy-duddies down the lane believe I am rather saucy, which, in all honesty, I am. It is just so much fun! I love to use my quick wit to leave others speechless.

I wanted to share with you what I have been up to of late, on the off chance that you have somehow missed hearing about my latest frivolities. I do so love to entertain my friends.

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Awhile back, my in-laws hosted a rather boring party at their home in Boston. My dear mother-in-law was horribly rude to me when I showed up at her party in my white satin bloomers and jeweled slippers. After recovering from her shock and associated fainting spell, she demanded that I go upstairs to my room and change my attire.

Ward Hall Chambered Nautilus StairwayI consider myself a free spirit, and I just don’t do well with demands. As I was climbing the stairs, I thought to myself, “No one tells me what to do!” So, I stubbornly stood my ground there on her staircase, and for good measure, proceeded to take off the bloomers and slippers which she was so opposed to, right there in front of her highfalutin, Boston society guests. Needless to say, my marriage did not last much longer after that brazen display. I was bored in the north at any rate and could not wait to return to Kentucky.

While my divorce from Timothy Bigelow Lawrence could very easily have ruined me, as a divorce would have done to most women, I escaped that situation remarkably unscathed.

Sallie Ward

With my reputation miraculously intact, I decided to make a trip to Louisville, Kentucky. I must say, the staff of the Galt House Hotel are good sports. They could have been extremely offended by my eccentric behavior, but they kindly showed tolerance – even when I rode my horse up the grand staircase, which for me is relatively tame.

Of course, soon after that incident, on a dare I also rode my horse through the marketplace in downtown Louisville, and admittedly, made a mess of things. People seem to be so easily offended by anything these days.


The Courier-Journal still considers me the Belle of Louisville, a title which I adore and flaunt happily. In fact, I’m here at Ward Hall because my Uncle Junius is throwing a ball in my honor. It’s quite lovely to hear folks around town discussing the latest fashions and whispering my name in the same excited breath. From the Sallie Ward hat to the Sallie Ward shoe, folks who wear Sallie Ward fashions are obviously the most fashionable of all.

Ward Hall aerial view

I hope my eccentricities have kept you amused. I’ll write again soon when my next round of scandals starts making waves in polite society.

With all my love,



PS Come explore Ward Hall and hear about all my scandals. Tours take place the first two weekends of every month from 1 to 6 p.m. Visit www.wardhall.net/calendar.html to see all the dates available throughout the year or schedule your very own private appointment by calling 502-863-5356.





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