Summer In Georgetown Means Lotsa' Spotz

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Summer in Georgetown means lotsa' Spotz!

Written by Kathy Witt


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No need to scream. Not when the electric hot-pink of award winning Spotz Gelato (buildings and mobile trucks) is doing so all on its own and at the top of its lungs.

“Italian ice cream!”

Homemade, cold and delicious, when Spotz Gelato screams for ice cream, Georgetown listens – and lines up.  

Banana Fudge shakes and Unicorn shakes, Raspberry Ripple sundaes and Dirt Cup sundaes, Hot Cookie Bowl sundaes and Kentucky sundaes (bourbon is involved), Italian sodas and Affogato (gelato with coffee). Floats featuring five different cows – from brown, red and orange to purple and sparkly. A Spotz Sampler showcasing four delectable scoops. A Gelato Bar To Go with two pints and four toppings. More than 200 flavors, with at least 10 of the tastebud pleasers stocked in the case at any given time. 

Please, can we have s’more? (And yes, this is a flavor, too.)

Cookies and Cream“Our bestseller is always Cookies and Cream, with Banana Pudding coming in a close second,” said owner Beth Richardson. “Every month we offer our Birthday Cake flavor for one week and it almost always sells out.”

The Banana Pudding gelato is legendary. Based on the banana pudding recipe of Beth’s mother, it is like spooning up a cupful o’ comfort.

“If you like real bananas and vanilla wafers, it is a must try,” said Beth, who develops all Spotz Gelato recipes. It is also Beth who comes up with the new menu items – part of what makes visits to Spotz so much fun. Brownie Peanut Crunch Shake? Peanut butter gelato with fudge sauce, peanut butter sauce, brownie pieces, peanuts, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Yes, please!

Spotz seeks out the very best local ingredients from Kentucky farmers. A certified Kentucky Proud business, Spotz produces its award-winning gelato in small batches from a commercial kitchen located on the Richardson family farm in Scott County.

“Spotz is a one-of-a-kind experience,” said Beth. “Each of our six locations has a personality of its own, but they all have hot pink walls, covered in spots, friendly staff and the best gelato around.”

The same can be said for Spotz’s mobile trucks. Hot pink and fabulous, with each truck, bicycle and wagon making a unique statement and fun IMG 5884addition to any event.


Spotz’s No-Churn Cookies and Cream Gelato

“Although we use some pretty fancy equipment to make our gelato at the farm,” says Beth, “Here’s a recipe that can be used at home with no special equipment or ingredients.”


4 cups milk

2 cups heavy whipping cream

1/3 cup sugar

2 dashes salt

13 Oreos, crushed


Mix all ingredients together and pour into a loaf pan. Cover the pan with Saran Wrap and freeze for 4-6 hours or until firm. Dish up and enjoy!

Author: Kathryn Witt

Kathryn Witt is an award-winning travel and lifestyle writer, syndicated columnist and author of several books, including Secret Cincinnati, The Secret of the Belles and Atlanta Georgia: A Photographic Portrait. A member of SATW, Authors Guild and the Society of Children’s Books & Illustrators, she lives in northern Kentucky.







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