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A Cup of Common Wealth 2Serving community one cup at a time
For a company whose mission is to "Embrace Community, Serve Others and Create Culture,"being closed for in-person gathering and fellowship has been tough."

A Cup of Common Wealth is known for having cultivated a homey hangout where people feel welcome as soon as they walk through the door. Attribute that to owner Salvador Sanchez, who opened the Internet coffee cafe in downtown Georgetown last year, tucking it in a building that was formerly a subway and displaying inspirational quotes (Crafted with Love & Served with Gratitude) on the walls.

For Salvador, the pull of the people, experiences and community of coffee has always been irresistible. In fact, his love of the brew is steeped in a childhood of sipping coffee and swapping stories with family, including his parents, grandparents and siblingsA Cup of Common Wealth

"The atmosphere here is like coming into our living room," said Alexandra Canada, director of operations at A Cup of Common Wealth, the Chocolate Holler and Magic Beans Coffee Roasters.

"Right now, with all the craziness, and since we can't have people inside just yet, we're hoping to be a small bit of encouragement for people," she added. "That might happen only through a 30-second interaction, but we hope it's as meaningful to them as it is to us."

"People are what drive this community beyond anything else."

And then there's the menu, a tempting mix of outstanding coffee drins - everything from French Press coffee to Italian soda to hot chocolate to chai lattes - pastries made inhouse and sandwiches that go deliciously beyond the usual deli fare.

Locals are especially fond of the cold brew, caramel macchiatos and fresh-squeezed limeades made with limes and a homemade simple syrup or another flavor of their choice.

"And we are really proud of our straight-up brewed coffee that comes from Magic Beans Coffee Roasters, the coffee roasting branch of our little family," said Alexandra.

A Cup of Common Wealth is famous for its Spicy Avocado Toast, featuring avocados, lemon juice and red pepper flakes, as well as some of its hot sandwiches, like the Pesto Grilled Cheese, Turkey and Apricot Sandwich and Smoked Gouda and Apple Sandwich. House-made pastries include coffee cake, no-bake cookies and muffins.

A Cup of Common Wealth 4Even though the coffee shop is currently closed to in-person service, the shop remains community-minded and committed to giving back.

Alexandra explained: "If anyone buys a tab, gift card, pay-it-forward drink (where people can buy drinks for friends or strangers in advance) or purchases retail off our website (acupofcommonwealth.com/shop) or through curbside service, we're donating 10 percent of our sales to FoodChain in Lexington and the Coronavirus Response Fund put together by Blue Grass Community Foundation and United Way of the Bluegrass."

A Cup of Common Wealth has curbside service 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Delivery is offered within Georgetown - roughly three miles, although Alexandra said they would go a tad beyond that - 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Call 859-255-0270 ext. 3 to place an order. Updated information about Georgetown restaurants offering curbside pickup and delivery may be found here.


Recipe: Cold Brew ShakerA Cup of Common Wealth 3

Every cloud has a silver lining and, for A Cup of Common Wealth, it came in the form of a cuppa comfort.

"This didn't used to be a drink here but since all of this," said Alexandra, alluding to the reigning pandemic, "We've brought it from Chocolate Holler in Lexington, one of our sister stores."

What you need:

A cocktail shaker (a mason jar with a lid will also work) 
5 ounces of cold brew
5 ounces of your preferred milk
1 ounce or so of chocolate syrup (more or less to your liking) 


Put all liquid ingredients in the shaker or jar. Add ice. (If using a mason jar, leave some of the ice out until the end so there is space to shake.). Pour the chocolate syrup on top so it doesn't immediately sink and get stuck at the bottom of the shaker or jar. Put the top on and give it a good shake for about 10 seconds. Remove lid, add more ice if needed and enjoy!

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