Swap worries for welcome at Country Boy Brewing

 FC20766Swap worries for welcome at Country Boy Brewing
 Written by Kathy Witt

Those in search of Cougar Bait will find it here. Straightforward, blonde and clean – overall very pleasant company for a night out in Georgetown. And it pairs well with the Cutthroat Chili Dog from The Kitchen, located inside the Country Boy Brewing taproom, where Cougar Bait is one of several flagship beers. (What did you think we were talking about?)

Now in its eighth year in business, award-winning Country Boy Brewing was founded by four country boys with a big dream: Daniel “DH” Harrison, Nathan Coppage, Jeff Beagle and Evan Coppage. The brewery and the boys have a solid reputation for crafting authentic, fresh-flavored beer – and not just in hometown Georgetown, but across the state of Kentucky and well beyond its borders.

Perhaps it’s the spirit of the Japanese work ethos that is brought into every barrel; after all, two of the “boys” – DH and Nathan – lived and experimented with beer making in Japan, a place known for extremely good beer craftsmanship. Or maybe it’s the vibe of the taproom, which feels more community than bar and restaurant.

“The taproom has its own life,” DH likes to say.

It’s the “Cheers” of the 21st century, where you can take a break from your worries in a place where nobody’s a stranger and, whether regular or out-of-towner, everyone truly is glad youIMG 32431 came . . . the kind of place that serves up an experience: where you can share an afternoon playing hooky with your significant other, sharing feelings, flatbread and beer flights; or stretch out an evening with your BFF on the patio, a Shotgun Wedding or Cliff Jumper within reach, while watching the sun melt into a country landscape.

The Kitchen opened a couple years ago, a match-made-in-craft-brew/foodie-heaven, that pairs the brews with Country Boy-style Kentucky deli deliciousness: Hot Brown Flatbread with turkey, sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato and queso; an all-beef frank covered in pepperoni, fresh mozzarella and Country Boy’s own marinara; Bubby’s Nachos, a layered medley of flavors starring Fiesta chicken and queso, cheddar cheese, homemade salsa, jalapenos, hot sauce and sour cream.

The menu was designed by Kentucky chef Joe Malone, who wanted to tempt taproom palates with dishes that pushed the pub grub envelope and matched the beer in terms of freshness and authenticity. There is a taste or two (and probably more), from finger foods to sandwiches to salads, that complements every single beer that Country Boy brews.

And it’s all served in an atmosphere of warmth and welcome.

Learn more about Country Boy Brewing’s beers, including seasonal flavors, here and here. To see what’s being served at The Kitchen, click here or visit the restaurant’s Facebook page. Updated information about Georgetown restaurants offering onsite dining, curbside pickup and delivery may be found here.

Recipe: Chef Malone's Smoked Chicken WingsIMG 2550

DH has put together the perfect pairing for a summer's day at the Country Boy Brewing taproom: Key Lime Cougar Bait and these delicous smoked chicken wings courtesy of the one and only Chef Malone!

What you need:

  • Frank's Red Hot Sauce
  • Big Hazard BBQ Rub
  • Hickory Wood
  • Smoker



Brine the chicken wings in a cup of hot sauce and a few tablespoons of BBQ rub and let sit in the fridge in a pan or a large Ziplock bag overnight. This will help tenderize the meat. The next day, start your wood fire in the smoker and let the smoker temp reach 250 degrees. Open and spray the grates with oil or non-stick spray to keep sticking from occurring.

Lay the wings on the smoker and lightly dust with rub seasoning, then close the lid. Let the temperature of the smoker reach 200-250 degrees, then adjust the vents to hold the temp for 1 hour. After 1 hour, open the smoker, flip the wings and dust the other side of the wings with a light sprinkle of rub. Close the lid and let the smoker reach 200 degrees for about 45 minutes-1 hour. When the wings reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees, they are finished.

Eat and enjoy! 

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