Dead Man's Hollow & The Haunted Highway

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Just off U.S. 25 in Scott County, an abandoned building slouches beneath a sign that reads: "Hell."

From as far back as the early 1800s, the place was known as Dead Man's Hollow due to the discovery of dead bodies in a cave hidden on the grounds. That cave became the final resting place for many a innocent traveler. But what killed them? And why?

Legend holds that a mysterious hobgoblin-like creature with bony, claw-like hands and feet has made Dead Man's Hollow its home for generations, feeding off the misfortune of any soul unfortunate enough to cross its path. From confederate sympathizers to travelers lost in the woods, none have been safe from its deadly mischief. Over the years, passersby have often reported hearing wailing sounds coming from the entrance of the nearby cave; Cries from the victim of a hobgoblin's mischiefShell Travel Camp Sign

The grisly fate of two runaway lovers might be the most standout story we can pin on this wizened ghoul. In 1823, a young farmer made plans to rescue his newfound sweetheart from her violent and criminal father. Unfortunately, their plan was found out just as they escaped into the night. The girl's father gathered a mob of violent thugs to run down the young farmer who was "stealing his daughter." While the young couple might have been able to escape into the dense Kentucky backwoods, it seemed a mischievous hobgoblin had left obstacles for them at every turn.

Fallen trees blocked their path, brambles seemed to reach out and grab them around every turn and loose branches threatened to trip them at every step as creaturous laughter haunted them through the night. The pursuing mob eventually overtook them, and in the ensuing scuffle, the young girl was pushed down by her father. Her head hit the ground with a sickening crack; A rock had seemingly appeared under her head out of nowhere, killing her instantly. Perhaps it was truly an unfortunate accident, or perhaps the rock was placed there as the final trick of one mishcievous being....

Neither of the runaway lovers would survive that night and their bodies would not be discovered for another three years, perfectly preserved in the limestone conditions of a nearby cave. At night, visages of the murdered couple can sometimes be spotted in the shifting woods, along with the snickers and the beady yellow eyes of that troublesome hobgoblin. Do not leave your vehicles as you drive through Dead Man's Hollow, lest the misfortune of that 

us25 editAll the stories of murder, mayhem and mysterious creatures seen wandering the hollow certainly didn't stop a young couple from building a vacation resort in the late 1920s, complete with motel restaurant and lake right in the heart of the blood-stained land.

In 1928, Tom and Hallie Fisher opened Fisher's Travel Cmap and families soon flocked to the hideaway with its charming cabins tucked among the trees. But even the resort's legendary Southern cooking, lakeside croquet tournaments and family fishing outings couldn't quell stories of screams heard during the night, of a dark apparition appearing at the windows and of vacationers who suddenly felt chills to their very core.

Scary, unexplained things happened, like locked doors found open, furniture flung about, and personal items stolen. Rumors persisted of a hobgoblin that slipped into cabins, pawed through suitcases and inconvenienced guests. By the time I-75 was constructed, the camp would suffer greatly from a lack of business. The main building would go on to burn down in the early 1990s. Likely the last act of a bored hobgoblin who had no more guests to entertain themselves with.

Fewer and few people dared stay at the resort, and the buildings began to crumble. The rusting "Hell" sign and cabin ruins now all that remain to let passersby know that this was Deadman's Hollow - and it would forever be the domain of that troublesome hobgoblin.


Follow along US Highway 25 from georgetown until you cross over South Ray's Fork (A local waterway). You have now entered the fated Dead Man's Hollow. Drive along the winding, claustrophobic roadway and be sure not to get lured out of your vehicle. The path is windy and full of malevolent spirits. Your journey ends at the Scott County line (This will be marked by the small town of Corinth.) 

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