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 Written by Dylan Marson


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a mural is a window into a community’s soul. Georgetown is home to a wealth of Kentucky artistry and culture, some of which can be found immortalized on the very walls that downtown shoppers pass by every day. Whether you're posing for your next instagram photoshoot, or simply appreciating their charm, every brush stroke on these works of art tells a story to those who stop to admire them. Discover these beautiful scenes scattered across the historic walls of Georgetown/Scott County and peer into the unbridled spirit of the Bluegrass through the creative minds who made them.

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Unbridled Spirit of Horse Country

South Court Alley is known for its unmatched ability to light up an evening stroll through the picturesque streets of Downtown Georgetown, but it’s also home to one of the town’s landmark murals. Serving as a symbol of how Scott County became known as the unofficial Horse Headquarters of Kentucky, visitors can experience the heart of horse country through this red-brick window into the  unfiltered equestrian beauty of the Bluegrass. The perfect selfie destination, nothing says "I was at Georgetown" like a picture with this iconic work of art. Make sure you turn around and look up for a quick shot of history, or maybe just some S.S.S. tonic for the blood, one of several historic wall-ads dotted across Georgetown. 

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A Colorful Welcome To Downtown

For many years, Spot Gelato has been a colorful splash of pink on the streets of Historic Downtown Georgetown. Now with the newest addition to our collection of murals, their building provides a colorful welcome to our home in the Bluegrass! If you're making a visit to our local shops & restaurants, this is a perfect spot for a selfie to mark the occasion.

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A Flash of the Past

Transport yourself back to a different time with these unique wall-ads, painting a sense of nostalgia and times now gone on the sides of Georgetown’s historic buildings. You may be familar with White Owl Cigars, but you probably won't see them selling for just a nickel any time soon. For those who want to see a snapshot of America nearly a century ago, these two paintings are sure to deliver. Here in the heart of downtown Georgetown, history couldn't be more alive!

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Bon Voyage!

Set sail from Downtown Georgetown at this hidden gem, offering a majestic view of the sea along a rustic red-brick alleyway just across from our local “Hidden Trove” of decorations, gifts and artwork. One of Georgetowns more hidden art pieces, the colorful billowing sails and other-worldly waters are a welcome surprise which contrasts against the classic small-town Americana that surrounds it. The scene is almost a memory or a dream of the sea, clouded by time and captured by an artists hands. We could all use a little escape to the ocean from time to time, however small or two-dimensional. 

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The Garden of Butterflies

A hidden home for butterflies seated behind the Georgetown/Scott County Museum? This colorful artwork is accompanied by a butterfly garden that attracts the town’s smaller residents for some summertime-fun. Smell the flowers, enjoy the view and stop by the local museum to discover the rich history behind the storied streets of Georgetown. Founded in 1790, Georgetown truly embodies the heart of the Bluegrass. Home of Kentucky's oldest stacked stone bridge, the first paper mill west of the Appalchains, centuries of equestrian heritage and the Birthplace of Bourbon, you'll find no shortage of stories to be told in these historic streets. For more Georgetown history, click here!

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Tiny Wings for Tiny Paws

Animal lovers will love this tiny wing mural, the perfect backdrop for your tiny furry friends to make their next post on Instagram! Find this spot right in front of The Wine Project & Fabled Forest, where you can pair the perfect wine with the perfect book for a cozy afternoon in Historic Downtown Georgetown.

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Miss Sadie Watches Over Her Town

Take a stroll through this quiet railroad town whose history is reflected through this mural. Sadieville is a Kentucky town steeped in history, founded along one of the most lucrative railroads in the south and home to a historic Rosenwald School. Its signature Sadieville train-car now sits alongside the Active Norfolk-Southern Rail Line, maintaining the sights and sounds of the town's railway heritage to this day. You can almost hear the the sounds of the rolling, screeching locomotives and bumbling wagons in this vivid depiction of a small town's founding days. For more Sadieville history, click here!  

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