Tee Times Indoor Golf

Tee Time Golf

Golf all Year at Tee Times Indoor Gol!
Imagine playing Spyglass. Doral. Pebble Beach. How does it feel? Can you almost smell the clean fresh grass, feel the warm sunshine, taste the salty air? Now imagine that you can have this immersive experience right here in Georgetown, KY. Join us at Tee Times Indoor Golf to enjoy hundreds of world class golf courses on our six Premium simulators

Play at your own pace every time. You will never be hassled by an old ranger for hitting an extra shot from 100 yards. In addition, you'll never be waiting on the slow group in front of you or be pushed by that player who never yells "fore!". You can set our systems to putt out or play with an auto 2-putt once on the green or with an auto 1-putt within a certain distance to the hole on approach shots




Website:   https://www.teetimesky.com/
Phone:   502-370-4653
  104 Lawson Dr, Georgetown, KY 40324